Oil & Gas Pipeline

Oil & Gas Pipeline

Right-of-Way Services for Oil and Gas Pipelines

At East Coast Right of Way Maintenance in Lenoir City, TN, we take pride in the versatility of our team. We perform a wide variety of services, such as the following:

  • Facility, Landowner, and Station Fencing Installation and Repair
  • Initial Clearing
  • Matting
  • Pipeline Marker Installation
  • Pipeline Right of Way Reclamation
  • Sediment & Erosion Control
  • Vegetation Maintenance
  • Vegetation Restoration


One of our core specialties is pipeline right-of-way for utility facilities and structures. These include gas & oil lines, water lines, as well as transmission and distribution lines.

S&E Pipeline NC

Our right-of-way professionals are capable of adjusting to any work environment, including the steepest terrains. Here are the services we perform for the pipeline utility industry:

  • Emergency Vegetation Restoration Services
  • Install/Repair Fencing For Facilities, Landowners, and Stations
  • Herbicide Applications For Vegetation Control
  • Initial Clearing
  • Matting
  • Pipeline Locating & Marker Installation
  • Pipeline Right-Of-Way Vegetation Maintenance
  • Tree Grinding and Whole Tree Chipping (reduces the haul out cost)
  • Tree removal & Stump Grinding

We look forward to handling your pipeline right-of-way needs. Reach out to us today!